Staying in Shape

Keeping yourself in shape

Keeping your weight down and staying fit as a rider plays a huge part in effective and accurate saddle fit. If you are over weight you can 'squash' the saddle and thus effect adequate clearance through the channel as well as impinge on your horses movement. Particularly if your horse is weak in certain areas from lack of work or their inherent conformation. Remember just because a horse is big doesn't necessarily equate to him/her being strong.

Keeping your horse or pony in shape

Like clothes a horses tack will not fit as well if he/she is allowed to change shape dramatically. There are well researched exercises that can be done on the ground, as part of your routine, even if you are turning your horse out for a spell, to maintain and promote core stability, something that should never be neglected. Diet is also a big contributing factor to your horse's ability to have consistency to his shape.