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"Saddle fit is one of the most crucial aspects to get right for every equestiran. It is the only point of contact between your seat and the horse, and can mean the difference between having a comfortable mount for every day pleasure riding, can give your horse more scope over a fence or give a better length and tempo of stride, for that all important dressage test or show ring workout. As a certified saddle fitter I am looking for the best saddle fit for every horse, no matter what the brand".

Eleanor Whitehead CSF

Eleanor Whitehead

"If you are looking for a professional, honest and down-to-earth Saddle Fitter - Eleanor is the lady for the job! She has a vast knowledge of equine anatomy, saddle fitting, all disciplines of riding and, her attention to detail and care to get the right fit for your horse will exceed your expectations."

- Di Morris

"My horse had a saddle that didn’t fit her and after a saddle fitting with Eleanor, she is a completely different horse. I now have peace of mind that my horse is comfortable and happy. I was really impressed on how thorough and knowledgeable Eleanor was and I would highly recommend her for a saddle fitting - Thanks again"

- Stella - Pukekohe