After being in business for 3 years Eleanor realised she was recommending the Kent and Masters brand to many customers, so went in search of supporting the brand herself. Before committing completely she researched many Master Saddlers Association recognised and recommended saddles but after lengthy consideration, couldn’t go past the the quality, attention to detail, intuitiveness, value for money, research and passion associated with Kent and Masters.

After making the trip to Spoga in Germany in 2016 with her sister and visiting the Kent and Masters trade stand, she managed to secure the contract to stock their products.

“The brand ticks so many boxes from a fitting perspective and the company is at the forefront of so much saddle research. They are lovely to work with and have a real passion for what they do, I was determined to support and stock their products”.

Over the past year, two more brands have been added to the Equi-Fit range. NSC approached Eleanor earlier in 2022 to cover maternity leave for their Auckland based fitter. Post this, she has continued to stock the brand and is delighted to be able to offer one of NZ’s Rolls Royce brands to her clientele. Fairfax (the Kent and Masters parent company), is also now in stock and offers clients another more premium brand.

"I've used Eleanor from Equi-Fit numerous times now and on 3 totally different horses. She's professional and knowledgeable and I love the Kent & Masters saddle I brought, that has been fitted to all 3 comfortably. Her facilities are second to none and she takes the time to see you riding in the saddle, to ensure it's the correct fit for both you and your horse and will tweak it until perfect. It was however no problem for her to come to my grazing, when I had a difficult pony to float, to do the fitting there. I continue to use her knowledge on my new horse to ensure he's comfortable with his changing shape while he's developing and muscling up and I give her credit for him being happy and willing under saddle. I would recommend her to all."

Ashley Balfour